Why Emirates painted their Airbus A380 with animal images ? It is really incredible what they have done !!Back

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 Emirates Airline is one of the safest and luxurious planes on the planet, and also a socially responsible company.  The company has further emphasized this point by painting their planes with slogan “United for wildlife”.   The message is against the Illegal wild life trade, this is a remarkable statement as the number of wild life and the forests are declining.  Every year countries invest millions of dollars to save the wild life from poachers and inevitable extinction. 


” Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline said: “Many animals, in particular African elephants, rhinos, tigers, and pangolins, are under extreme pressure because of an unprecedented spike in the illegal wildlife trade. The world is in a global poaching crisis, and everyone has to do their part to stop this, before it is too late. Emirates believes that the global transport industry, including airlines, can play a significant role to break the supply chain of illegal wildlife trade. And at Emirates, we are committing the resources to do our part.” 

The poaching, illegal trade, deforestation and the Global warming are interconnected, as one leads to another, which would threaten the existence of our own species.  Emirates Airlines is collaborating with various organisations, which are working towards protecting our ecosystem. The company will work along with the international organization to equip their ground staff to detect the illegal wildlife products in transit. In addition to that the airline company will run regular feature stories, documentaries and also supply magazines about wild life protection and illegal trade.

We www.roadcompass.com appreciate the efforts of Emirates Airlines to protect our nature. 

what do you think? Will it help to reduce the Illegal wildlife trade? 


Painting the Emirate A380


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