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The   Canadian visual artist Eric Paré who has been performing light-painting all around the world since 2013,  he uses the hand  to light the images in a single second with no intentional external source of light. His work has been featured  on CNN, MTV, PetaPixel, CNET, Vice, Fubiz, TechInsider & TEDxMontreal.  Eric Paré has conducted workshops and conferences in Mexico City, UAE, San Francisco, Toronto, Boston and New York City. 

Eric Paré and his girlfriend travels around the world with light painting tube to create incredible images. His photography style is unbelievably stunning, most of the time he uses the long exposure technique to capture this images.  When Eric Paré is not travelling the deserts or by the sea, he is busy in the studio in Montreal developing the photographs. Eric has developed a full 360 degree camera system with his team in this studio.  

San Francisco, USA

The first shooting with the tubes, in fact, this is the day they have found the tubes.  "We walk about an hour in a trail north of the Golden Gate Bridge, shot for half an hour in the cold and windy blue hour and that was it."


This was the beginning of this project, 'Signs of Light'.


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

The second experiment with the light tubes. 


It was really cold, so they had to wind up quickly, but the photographs are stunning.


Montreal, Canada

Over the amazing city of Montreal.


Mont-Tremblant, Canadian province Québec.

They shot this near their home in Mont-Tremblant, Canada.


Kim the model explained  about this session;  "While Eric was amazed by the visuals that were coming from the camera, the only thing I could focus on was my inner battle between the urge of moving in order to chase the mosquitos and the need to stay still in order to get good pictures. 


It was the kind of moment when you realize that time is a relative concept. One second of stillness seemed very long... But in the end, it was worth the inner frustration. When we look at these images, we're glad we fought the discomfort."

Dubai, UAE

It was the  last evening in Dubai and they were looking for something different from the other nights, hoping to do some roof topping.

Kim recalls about the photo session; “Eric was much courageous than I was, wanting to go closer to the edge to get a better composition. I was too scared, even if it was safe. To each his own limit.  That was a nice conclusion for a mesmerising destination”.

Dubai Marina, UAE

Dubai is an amazing city buzzing with life and it is best for photography. “We usually create in places where there are almost no human being. But being in such an impressive city as Dubai, we wanted to explore its impressive cityscape potential.”

According to Kim Henry it is better to have a guide while visiting Dubai, because it makes life much easier and trouble free.  

Los Angeles, USA

Under the  bridge Los Angeles in the night

Isla Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Isla Holbox is a place to see in Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, a stunning island that offers an incredible place to enjoy the holidays with clean and serene beaches.


Even though the beach is a heaven Kim and Eric works during the night as their work mainly depends upon the lights from the tube. “We rarely work in easy conditions : the water, the wind, the cold, the mosquitos… Not to mention the blue hour that only last 15 minutes or so. There are many things out of our control, but we always find a way to make the most of what is presented to us.  “

Crocodile Pond in Isla Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Yes they did this in a pond inhabited by crocodiles!!!


The artists visited the Holbox Island for the second time, but the weather was bad so they couldn’t shoot by the sea. They managed to find another place inside the island calm swamp, but later realized the swamp was home to some crocodiles.


Kim said in the website www. signsoflight.ericpare.com, “Even if we were told by locals that they were to small to attack human beings, each time Eric would leave to go look at the cameras I would scan the area with light and uselessly search for something in the night… Nothing was different from the previous nights, except our frame of mind.”


The best part was at the end, when we decided to stay in pitch black for 10 minutes to do a long exposure shot of the stars.


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