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Franco Paltrinieri is a traveller from Buenos Aires, Argentina. For several years he travelled and he worked in various jobs such as restaurants, construction sites, car repair shops and also as a sandwich seller in Rio during the World Cup. His main aim  was to save money so that he can travel around the world. 


The jobs helped him to survive and to fund the travels but it really did restricted the mobility as a traveller as he had to stick on to the jobs to get paid.  So he started thinking about alternatives, jobs that will not hinder his travelling’s at the same time one that would earn him enough money to fund it.  


He looked around but he couldn’t find any other options. Luckily all of a sudden he thought about the old Volkswagen ‘hippie’ van, last year he turned his van into a food truck.  Now he cooks ‘Lomitos’ an Argentinean steak sandwiches cooked with a traditional local liquor.  He says he is not a chef but he doesn’t mind doing different jobs for survival and also for the sake of travel.


He named his van Clarita after his younger sister, the van now allows him to travel around the world without stopping anywhere. The stakes and van has provided him with better mobility and the van also acts as a home, saving more money from renting hotels while travelling. Right now he is travelling south to North, from Tierra Del Fuego, the most southern tip of the Americas, to Alaska.


So far, he has travelled more than 12.000 miles in 8 countries of South America and met hundreds of strangers who’ve made this journey incredible but his main goal is still Alaska.



This is what he had to say about his epic journey “Travelling helped me break from routine and open the circle. Back home it feels that your circle is locked – same places, same people, same conversations – but travelling opens you to people from different backgrounds, professions, religions and social classes and you end up befriending someone who you wouldn’t even have a chance to meet in your home country. Having seen breath-taking landscapes, worked many jobs and tasted amazing food, I’d say it’s all about people.”


I think what he has done is just amazing and I hope his journey will inspire more people to travel around the world.


Construction work.


Restaurant Job 


As a repairer



Redesigning the van 


Work in progress 


Selling Lomitos.


Made with local liquor – fernet in Argentina and Paraguay, singani in Bolivia, pisco in Peru. 


Driving through Salar de Uyuni.


Death Road in Bolivia.


Camping in the mountains of Peru



Machu Picchu in Peru. 


In Ibague, Colombia I organized a small Volkswagen festival with other travellers


Travelling is all about meeting people 

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