Water bottle fills itself with water, without human help!!! A lifesaving invention for travelers?Back

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Imagine if you go on a long trekking, hiking, or cycling but you have less water

supply and to make the matter worse you are in a place where there is no source

of drinking, what would you do?  What if one of your trekking trips goes wrong

and you happened to spend couple more hours or days than expected in a remote

lonely place with no drinking water, what would you do to keep yourself alive?  

Don’t worry an Austrian designer student named Kristof Retezar has found the

solution for this problem, he has designed a self-filling water bottle named Fontus.

Photography source:  Kristof Retezar

The water bottle is capable of producing water from thin air with the help of a solar

panel attached to it. The solar panel produces electricity to cool down the upper part

of the device which condenses and cools down the water molecules contained in the

air to make water.  The inventor hopes that this device will be helpful for the people

who lives in areas with water scarcity.  

Photography source:  Kristof Retezar

Photography source:  Kristof Retezar

For a traveller this invention could be a lifesaving one or one that makes the trip more

enjoyable because you don’t have to walk around looking for water anymore. 



The price and other  details are available at their www.fontus.at.  

 What do you think about the Fontus water bottle? 





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