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Article Date: 03/03/2016

It is a natural phenomenon and it is happening on a grand-scale , if you are a traveller don’t miss this opportunity. 

The California and Nevada desert, one of the places to see in the USA is buzzing with activities at the moment.  The driest desert in North America is known as the Death Valley, due to the fact it is one of the driest and hottest place on the planet Earth.  Death Valley is located in eastern California.

The desert has a high temperature of 134°F and one of the interesting facts about the desert is that it has an elevation minus 282 feet below level which is the lowest elevation on the North American continent. This extreme basin desert remains barren almost all the time, there are no signs life.  But when the rainfalls, it transforms the Death Valley into a flowery carpet.  Death Valley national park is a must see destination in California, as it has picturesque landscape.

Due to the El Niño weather pattern this amazing tourist spot, which normally receives only 2 inches of rainfall has received a massive 5 inches of rainfall in October 2014. The rainfall and flash floods has rejuvenated the lifeless desert.  The seeds lie dormant buried in the hot sand, but the moist October and the rainfalls has helped it to germinate. Now the Death Valley has transformed into a colourful flower world.  Even though, the travellers visit this magnificent tourist place all the year around, but the valley is not beautiful as it is now. 

This is a must see event as it occurs only once in 10 years, the past blooms were in the year 2005 and 1998.  There are atlases 20 types of flowering plants in the Death Valley, most of these plants have short lifespan, once the flowering is over the plants die out depositing the seeds on the ground, which then waits for the right rainfall.    This is the right time to see the Death Valley, as the flowers sway in the desert wind with splendid colours.  The flowering of the desert flowers is a must see event and it is one of the magnificent natural phenomenon.  More information is available on the Death Valley National Park website. 


Super bloom of 2016 Death Valley


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