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Tuscany in Italy, a place frozen in time, a place with seductive charm and postcard perfect landscape

makes this place a must see destination. The Roman people conquered the region, which used

to be the land of Etruscan people.The palce Tuscany is named after the Etruscan people,Tuscany

is a gateway to the ancient world, a place renowned for its food, wine, history and heavenly truffles.  

Etruscan people

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A romantic destination for couples.

One of the famous towns of Tuscany is Volterra, an ancient town, famous for its Roman style architecture.

 Thousands of travellers visit this destination to see the ancient houses, roads and theatre which was

built by the Romans. The region still holds a large number of Etruscan tombs and houses; the Etruscan

museum exhibits large number of jewelleries, stone boxes, statues and artefacts, a reminder of rich culture of

Etruscan civilization.  Volterra has an exquisite food item called the truffles, which is the fruiting body of

Ascomycete fungus. Truffle is one of the most expensive food items in the world, according to Huffington

Post, people are willing to pay an amount up to $2500 for one pound of truffle. 

Picture courtesy : deviantartnet

Picture courtesy : deviantartnet

A village in Tuscanny 

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Stunning landscape 

Next best place to see in Tuscany is Tuscany is Peinza, famous for its Renaissance houses and palaces.

The beautiful landscapes and valleys make this place a special one. 

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Montepulciano a place famous for its tradition, landscapes that are picture perfect and wonderful food.

A drive along the country side is an unforgettable experience. 

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Breathtaking palces , best for photography.



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Nature at its best 

Each region in Tuscany has its own special wines and foods. The Tuscan people have brought back some

of the foods from the past which are getting famous for its taste and locals claim that they do not use any

chemicals in their food, it’s all organic.  The wine making, cheese making and the Tuscan olive oil production

is a family affair in Tuscany, which helps to preserve the authentic taste and smell. 

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Taste the Wine in the Vineyard

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Old style houses with beautiful flowers.

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Nature, it can't get better than this. 


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Postcard perfect landscapes

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Best romantic destination for couples. A Tuscan wedding. 


 If you ever travel to Tuscany do not forget to, enjoy the world famous Chianti in a local pub with some

local song , or taste the Tuscan olive oil with the bread  or go for a truffle hunt and eat it with some pasta.

Whether it is wine tasting, eating delicious food or the sightseeing Tuscany is a destination that every

traveller should visit once in their lifetime, an ancient place with exquisite treasures. 

Location: Tuscany, Italy 
Nearest airport is Florence Airport
Best season: September – October and April- May 


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