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Wayanad is a must see destination in Kerala, a state in India. Wayanad is blessed with wildlife, post card perfect landscapes and beautiful weather.  Wayanad never disappoints a tourist, it always has something to offer for the real travellers. There are many places to see in Wayanad ranging from trekking spots to waterfalls.  Wayanad is one off the best place in Kerala to meet the tribal people and understand their life style.  There are many places to see in Wayanad, we have carefully picked some of the most exotic tourist spots in Wayanad.

Chembra peak

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Chembra peak is a crowd-puller in Wayanad, every year it attracts a thousands of travellers.  The Chembra peak, the highest peak in Wayanad with a height of 2050 meters it is among one of the places to see in Wayanad. Located in the Meppady town, which is 8 km away from South of Kalpetta. This magnificent destination offers a combination of serene natural beauty and an opportunity to trek through the wild pathways of the mountain.   It takes at least 3 hours to reach the top of the mountain but on the way to the top there is a lake with the shape of a heart which makes it an exotic location. There are only few places on earth where you can see a heart shaped lake.  Ones on the top, the travellers can see the whole Wayanad an amazing experience, one that makes this destination more exotic.

Soochipara waterfalls

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650 feet of absolute pleasure that is the best description for the Soochipara waterfalls.   Located in Vellarimala of Wayanad district, Kerala, this sentinel rock water fall is a must see destination in Wayanad.  The three tier waterfall attracts thousands of travellers every year. Tourists must trek one kilometre to reach the water fall. On the way to the waterfalls travellers can experience the tree top huts, the calmness of lush green forest and the wildlife. Soochipara is one the best tourist place in Wayanad which is perfect for family trips and weekend trips.  The waterfall sometimes produces amazing rainbow and the rock faces is best for climbing sports but take extra caution as the rock is slippery.  There are entry fees and use of plastic is prohibited.

Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary

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Pakshipathalam is famous bird sanctuary in Wayanad, famous for its exotic birds, wildlife and underground caves.  Every year thousands of travellers and bird lovers visit these place to get a glimpse of the mysterious birds such as Black chinned laughing thrush, Nilgiri fly catcher, Malabar Grey Hornbill and more.  The destination has a height of 1740 meters and it will take at least 4 hours of trek to reach the Pakshipathalam. The trek is not really hard, the forest and the area surrounding this exotic destination is best for photography.

Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary

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Located in the Northern side of Wayanad, Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary is a must see place in Wayanad. This wildlife sanctuary is blessed with many exotica animals such as tiger, elephants, deer, wild buffalos and many more.  The lush green forest and the cool climate makes this place an exotic one.  The Jeep ride through the forest is an unforgettable experience as travellers can see the wild animals at a close range.  The best season to visit this tourist spot is November to May.

Kuruva Island

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Kuruva Island is one of the best place to see in Wayanad, this wildlife reserve is characterised by a group of islands which is covered in dense evergreen forest.  Kuruvadweep is located 17 km away from Mananthavady a town in Wayanad.   The water from the Kabini River flows around the 950 acres of land which has created a river delta. The bamboo rafting through the river and into the dense forest makes this destination more exotic. Travelers visit this beautiful place to see the various animals, birds, reptiles and rare plants.

Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary

Muthanga wildlife sanctuary wayanad

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If you are travelling to Wayanad and if your aim is to see wildlife on your short trip, then there is no other place in Wayanad better than Muthanga wildlife sanctuary to see the animals. Muthanga sanctuary is located 16 km away from Sulthanbathery. The area has a salubrious climate and the best time to visit is during the months of November to May.  Established in 1973, the 133 sq. miles of forest tops the list of “Places to see in Wayanad”.  This wonderful destination is packed with exotic animals such as the endangered Tiger, elephants, panthers, bison, bears and many more. Apart from the animals this is the best place for the travellers to see rare birds, orchids and trees.  The Jeep ride through the forest is an amazing experience but careful not to venture into the forest without expert guidance.








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