This woman lives in a tiny house so that she can travel around the world.Back

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Jenna is a traveller based in America,  she lives in a tiny house so that she can  travel the world with it. Jenn and her partner Guillaume has covered 25000 miles   in a year  in the tiny house  and travelled from Alaska to Florida.  The couple mainly focus on photojournalism and vlogging, which describes about their passion for travelling and minimalistic life style.



It all started few years back when the couple ended with some debt after finishing the college. So they decided to live a minimalistic life style to boost their financial position and she started working on a job which she was not passionate about.   

Originally it was Guillaume Dutilh's idea but Jenna was on board right away.  They were both unsatisfied with the jobs and lifestyles, Jenna was an executive assistant for a movie studio and Guillaume was a motorcycle engineer, but they  wanted to be travel writers and photographers. That’s when they found out about tiny houses and decided it might be a good thing to try!

 After saving some money they decided to build the famous tiny house and spend a year on road. Which was the greatest decision they have ever made.




 the house may look tiny but it has all the facilities, including kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, office projection screen and   for our surprise this house has three floors. The third floor is  the roof,  which she and her partner uses to sit down and stargaze,  incredible isn’t it?

The traveller couple built this house own their own and it gave them huge information about how to build the tiny house which now they have turned into a business. Apart from travelling, the couple now do build tiny houses for other people and provide workshops about how to build houses.

Oh sorry,   forgot to tell you about their dog Salies !



Cant get enough? Watch the video of the tiny house.





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