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Would you believe if someone said a Lego figure is touring around the world?  But in fact it is a naked a truth, there is a small Lego man named “The Lego Backpacker” is so determined to see as many places as possible.   The small plastic figure has so far travelled to 20 countries around the world.  He even has Instagram account through which he shares the travel updates.

You might be thinking I am little bit crazy, well I am not. Have a look at this photos and determine yourself.


Brouwerijt IJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Is this for real?


Berlin Cathedral, Berlin, Germany. Nope no way..


Brouwersgracht Canal, Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am totally confused right now.



KPMG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft, Munich, Germany. Cool, 


Seeing The Northern Lights In Norway. I kinda like this small guy. 


Castle Hill, Nice, France. Is he smiling, can't really see his face. 


Being A Tourist In Milan, seriously ??



The Louvre Museum, Paris, France. Damnnn!! You are lucky. I am pissed off now. 


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. I like that bread , but where is his girlfriend?


Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland. I think he likes the view. 


Trollstigen, Norway. Incredible road, you seems to be excited 


Checking Out The Sights In Singapore. Oh you are in Asia now. Great stuff dude


China-Windy-Road-Zhungzhaizei Getting The Bus In China. But you said you are in Singapore.

The Great Wall Of China, Well, enjoy that is all I can say. 


Tower Bridge In London, Good to see you back in Europe. 


The Berlin Wall, Germany. Nice graffiti, I like that.   


Skiing In La Rosier In France. Nice view bro, well done. 


St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow, Russia. Did you get a chance to meet Putin? 


Visiting Amsterdam, We all love Amsterdamnnnnnnnnn!!! Did u smoke weed??? I know you did 


Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republi. what? Where?


Casa Batllo, Barcelona, Spain. Hmmmmmmmmm...


Visiting Santa In Rovaniemi, Finland. My life Kinda sucks, need to get out now. 


Warsaw Old Town, Warsaw, Poland, Alright I gotta go, get my backpack ready. You have inspired me to travel see you soon cuz. 

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