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Human beings are born to explore, we observe and document the world around us but it depends upon the perception of the traveler. For some, travelling is a passion, for some people. it is just a way to pass a day and for others, it’s a life style.   There are things that a person gains from travelling and there are things to loose as well.


 What are the things you gain as a traveler? 

Aristotle once said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of the wisdom”. The more you travel, the more wisdom you get, because you begin to understand the world and life in a broad sense.  You start gaining tolerance, because you are always meeting up with new people from different background and different culture.  You gain more friends, because your tolerance level is high, your friends can vary from an innocent kid in India to a gangster in Mexico (may be he is innocent too, leave your prejudice behind).


 You gain patience and learn to love your fellow beings. Transient relations are inevitable part of the traveling, people might you treat you like an alien, they might ask you questions after question. Each conversation gives you more patience and you begin to understand the term compassion.

You learn languages as you are wandering across the globe all the time.


You gain confidence as you meet more and more people, traveling is a learning process which makes you smarter and confident. 

What are the things  you lose since the moment you have decided to travel? 

Then there are things you lose, is it money? Is it your job? Is it your lover? Is it your family or is it your inherited property? No, you got it wrong, it is not the materiel things you lose!!

The first thing you lose as a traveler is your comfort zone, in order to explore the world, you have to get out of your comfort zone. The comfort zone which kept you as an underdog for all these years.

Traveling is the best way to lose your ego, different places, cultures and people teaches you a big lesson that is your position in this world is insignificant and all these years your ego forced you to think that “you are the one”.  If you are not a traveler you might need more time to lose your ego, as it takes a loads of effort and energy.

The next thing is you lose, is an interesting one, something you have never thought about. It is nothing but loneliness, even when you are lonely in an unknown city you are surrounded by people who are ready to help. With a smile you can make friends anywhere in the world, so always remember to include your smile in your traveling gear.



Fear is the  another  thing you lose, you are not afraid of trying new thing and you start loving getting lost in places.  The best thing about traveling is getting lost and finding a hidden pleasure such as finding Cannabis plant in a dry desert, think about it but make sure you have a lighter in your backpack.

The best thing to lose as a traveler, is the  past old and sad life. A traveler is always fresh, because the traveler's mind is always getting painted by the new colors from the world.  The more you explore the more vibrant and fresh you become.


Traveling helps you to get rid of negative thoughts and fill the mind with positive thoughts. Traveling makes a humans more creative as they observe and absorb positive things around them.

Most impressive thing about travelling is that, you begin to realize that “we are all one” and the people we meet are the important treasures. Once you perceive this, the peace will find you and you will enjoy the life like you have never enjoyed before.


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