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 Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” 

                                                                                                          ― Carl Sagan


Virgin Atlantic's space line



What will you do, if there are no more place left on planet Earth to explore? Would you rather stop exploring or would you look up to the sky and start packing your travel gear to trek through the highest peaks of Mars or make a tent next to the biggest  crater on the Moon. Space tourism could be the next big thing, as long as humans have the desire to visit exotic locations.  

Such days are not far, because companies such as Virgin Atlantic and XCOR Aerospace have already going forward with their plans to create sub orbital space tourism industry. The virgin Atlantic launched the world’s first commercial space line, named Virgin Galactic.   The space tourism has massive opportunities according to the industry officials. Sub orbital space has hotels which provides accommodations for the tourists. The travellers will be able to experience astonishing views of the earth and other planets while cruising through the solar system.


Zero gravity training 


 This is going to be the one of the most expensive vacations you ever going to have. Right now the ticket prices are between 10 million to 20 million pounds.  But don’t worry, soon the price will come down, as more and more tour operators will hit the industry and the common people will be able to make a trip to the space.  

Astronauts have described, the view of the Earth from the space is magnificent and it has changed their perceptions about the world, it has broadened their views.  This is definitely one of the biggest adventures a man could ever do in life, so far. After all, we all have one life and a traveller can’t afford to miss the opportunity, if he has the time, guts and money. 





Watch the video of space tourism.


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