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Logan Dodds is a 24 year old Auckland- born plumber who loves to travel. During the summer of 2015 he packed his bags and went to travel around Europe, he recorded himself on the Go Pro camera. He spent three months exploring places such as Turkey, Ibiza, Munich, Morocco, London and many more.



This young Kiwi compiled the videos to make it a 4 minutes video and posted it on Facebook under the name “Summer –Daze”. The travel video went viral since then the video has received more than 900,000 views and inspired thousands to pack their bags.



The video is a snippet of his time in various countries as he travelled across Europe. Logan filmed himself drinking with friends at Oktoberfest in Munich, partying at Glastonbury and Ibiza, swimming under waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hang-gliding over Turkey, swimming in salt lakes with beautiful female friends and he enjoyed playing soccer with locals in Morocco.  But in his opinion watching the hot air balloons at sunrise in Cappadocia in Turkey was the best experience.



The Facebook video has made him an instant celebrity as his inbox was flooded with messages from around the world, most people admitted that his video inspired them to travel.   

Amazing! he is now doing advertisement for Air New Zealand.

Now he has been featured in an advertisement video by Air New Zealand, an incredible achievement for a traveller.  



Logan has struck again with his new video sponsored by Air New Zealand, which aims to inspire people of New Zealand to explore their own country.  The video shows Logan Dodds and his friends jumping around and climbing mountain top.  


The Air New Zealand’s external communications executive Anna Cross said “the company hoped Dodds' travels would "inspire more Kiwis to get out and explore our beautiful country".


It is absolutely great to see when someone’s passion becomes their job, especially traveling.  The video named “Logan Dodds – Kiwi Daze” is already showing the signs of success and it seems like the airline’s plan is working as the responses from the viewers are positive. 

So what you are waiting for? Pack your bags and explore the world, don’t forget to share your stories and videos with roadcompass.  

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Logan Dodds: KiwiDaze 2016

Logan Dodds: Summer Daze 2015


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