Photographs of The Magical Faroe Islands between Iceland and Norway, just stunning! (10+photos)Back

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Faroe Islands is a famous  tourist destination, this island country has a group of islands located between the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, sandwiched in between Norway and Iceland.  This amazing destination attracts millions of travellers every year, the ocean climate and the beautiful landscape makes it one of the must visit places on Earth.


Brooke Henshall, is a travel photographer from Australia who now lives in the Netherlands, she recently photographed the magnificent Faroe Islands.  She has managed to capture some of the stunning photographs, these pictures are absolutely beautiful.   Have a look at these incredible pictures. 



Blessed by the nature, the heaven on Earth.

Waterfall at Mikladalur,  Kalsoy. 


Beautiful church in Sandavágur

Stunning Gásadalur

It is almost impossible not to get  distracted during  the whole entire drive


Leitisvatn lake

Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands has the oldest parliamentary meeting place in the world


Breath-taking panoramic views

View of Tindhólmur from Bøur

Photographer Brooke Henshall

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