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It is true that sometimes a woman can make real difference to one’s life but for the Romanian Photographer   Andrei Gerizim  it is not the life that has changed by the woman , it was the  photographs that changed. 


He used a woman in red dress as an object for his photographs, the project is called “Woman in Red Dress”, and the concept behind the project is to explore the beauty of both nature and woman.  Bothe the photographer and model travels to unexplored and untouched landscapes of Romania. One year back they have stated this session as a part of the normal trip but later on it has transformed into the project “Woman in Red Dress”.  So far they have visited many tourist places in Romania.


The woman in red dress actually transforms the ordinary landscape into an amazing photograph.


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Sunset Mood 

End of The World

Heaven's View



Red Carpet


Sunrise Fanatasy 

Sunset Love

The Path I want 

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