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New Zealand is an amazing country with beautiful landscapes and peace loving people.  New Zealand is famous for Abel Tasman national park, Tongario National Park and mysterious places like the Split Apple Rock. 

New Zealand has its hidden secrets too, just like the one found by Shaun Jeffers Shaun, a British-born Auckland based photographer specialising in commercial tourism.  Waitomo area in New Zealand is filled with limestone caves, some of these caves glows in the night. So what is causing these caves to glow in the night?  These caves are home to one of the most fairy tale creatures called the Glowing Worms, they actually do glow in the night, producing stunning blue and green light. 

There are millions of glowing worms inside the cave that illuminate the cave in the night, it is an absolute beautiful sight to watch.

This is what Shaun said about his experience “Over the past year I have been back and forth to Waitomo’s Ruakuri Cave to master the art of photographing these magnificent little creatures – it’s been quite the experience! When the headlamps are out and all you can see are the glow-worms, you can’t help but feel like you’ve stepped into James Cameron’s Avatar Pandora, it’s just unreal! Photographing glow worms is very similar to shooting the night sky, however the exposure time can be much longer. These images in particular range between 30 seconds and 6 minutes exposures.”


Shaun had to work really hard to get these beautiful images of glow worms, he submerged himself in the cold water for up to 6-8 hours every day to get the best shots possible.  These images are really breath-taking. 











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