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Australia is a famous destination among the travellers for its   Great Barrier Reef, beaches,

vast landscapes and Kangaroos.  The continent is home to various animals, birds, reptiles

and insects. Among these abundant wildlife exists a small but peculiar spider called Peacock

spider.  This spider is so exotic and unique that it is attracting some international attention.

The peacock spider or Maratu belongs to the Jumping spider family. These tiny spiders has

colourful body which they uses to attract the female spider. During the mating season the

male spiders uses all his dancing skills and colours to seduce her, but he must be careful

if she doesn’t like his dance moves he might become her food.  If you want to see these

Michael Jacksons of the spider world, then you must travel to Australia. 






Location: Australia 
Where to find them in Australia: Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania. 
Breeding time: Austral spring (August - December) 

Watch the video of Peacock Spider dancing 


Peacock Spider dancing


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