One man in Tokyo is wrapping people in plastic bags and photographing them, as they gasp for air in vacuum bags !! Dangerous Photography.Back

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Haruhiko Kawaguchi is using a new way to express the love between couples. The  photographer  is based in Tokyo is wrapping people around with plastic, he covers the couples with lubricants and  then vacuum the plastic bags. The couple pose for the photos inside the plastic bag without no air to breath, but don't worry, there is a paramedic team standing by to ensure their safety.  


Haruhiko is showing the world the power of love, by getting the couples as close together as possible, with this dangerous photography.


He said "The less distance there is between the couples, the stronger the power of love.” I think that everything positive in the world starts by focusing on love.”  Haruhiko thinks love is the most important thing in the earth.


He said; man panics more than woman, some of them gasp for air but the woman just wants to look good in the picture.

The dangerous photography project is called as "Fresh Love". Photography is all about expressing things in a different way. 




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