No more hangover, Korea has invented hangover free alcohol.Back

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Travellers and party -goers, here is a happy news for you. Forget about waking up with heavy head

after a long weekend or a massive party, Korea claims that they have invented an alcohol which doesn’t

cause any kind of hangover.  This alcohol named Koryo Liquor is made out of six-year-old Kaesong Koruo insam,

a kind of ginseng and scorched rice. The rice has been  burnt and boiled during the brewing process, giving it

the special taste. Both the ginseng and rice are cultivated using traditional organic method.   

Koryo Liquor

Korean ginseng

Producers of this phenomenal alcohol, Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory  located in the North Korean

capital claims that , the alcohol is made using scientific methods. So what reduces the hangover effect?

According to the producers stated that it is the use of glutinous rice instead of sugar which helped to

reduce the bitterness and hangover.  

Both the country and the producers haven’t confirmed anything about the price and availability

of this miraculous alcohol product. It seems like travellers and part-ygoers are going to love the “Mondays”

from now onwards. 



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