New mysterious Monument discovered in Petra could be 2150 years old! One more reason to visit Petra.Back

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Petra is one of the most beautiful ancient building is the world, listed in the 7 world wonders this amazing tourist destination is located in Jordan. Every year millions of travellers visit this astonishing world wonder to see the remarkable work done by the ancient people.  


​The ancient siite of Petra. 


Recently the Archaeologists Sarah Parcak, a National Geographic fellow, and Christopher Tuttle, executive director of the Council of American Overseas Research Centres, accidently found a massive platform when they were using high-resolution satellite imagery followed by aerial drone photography and ground surveys to locate and document the structure. 


Photograph by G al Faqeer

Earlier explorations couldn't find this big mounument. 



The massive monument has an estimated length of an Olympic-size swimming pool and twice as wide. 


The newly found monument has an estimated length of an Olympic-size swimming pool and twice as wide, located only about 800 meters south of the centre of the ancient city of Petra. Authorities think that this discovery will increase the number of tourists visiting the iconic buildings of Petra.


Massive open platform.

This massive open platform with a comparatively small building and approached by a monumental facade is most likely had a public, ceremonial function, which may make it the second largest elevated, dedicated display area in Petra after the Monastery.  Petra is a magnificent site that traveller should visit at-least once in their life time, let this be your reason to visit Petra. 


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