My small trip to ancient megalithic Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple in Tamil Nadu, India.Back

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I have visited the Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple last month, an amazing feet of ancient engineering and wisdom.  It is one of the largest temples in India and it is located in the Thanjavur, a city in the south Indian state Tamil Nadu. Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple built in 1010 AD by Chola dynasty king Raja Raja Chola I, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the largest temple in world as well and part of UNESCO's world heritage site known as great living Chola temple. It is also known as periya temple (big temple) in local language Tamil situated in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.  

Mural paintings in Thanjavur temple


Apart from sculptures, murals, writings on stone is another major attraction. It is only one of writings, the builder himself made an approach to write. The writing is in Tamil language and talks about the wealth, ceremony and rituals related to the temple. This temple is a must see place in Tamil Nadu, it was an amazing experience to see this ancient megalithic monument. 


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