Model quit his job to travel around the world, but finds a nice way to keep him that made him an Instagram celebrity.Back

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Mothers worry a lot when their kids go on tours, sometimes they overreact, sometimes they just keep on calling on our mobile phone, whether you are a kid or an adult they just wants to make sure everything is alright.   Former model Jonathan Quinonez, 27 has found a hilarious way to assure his nervous mum that he’s just fine.  He is visiting beautiful beaches and landmarks around the world, and recording his adventures with photographs that show him holding a sign reading ‘Mom I’m Fine’.

Jonathan Quinonez is from Brussels, he quit his job to travel around the world. But his mother may not be able to relax after seeing some of the images, which show him enjoying thrilling adventures such as  him skydiving over Playa del Carmen, Mexico, standing in crystal clear water off the coast of Panama, scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea and getting closer to crocodiles.


So far he has 26000 Instagram followers, but he only shared 25 of his photographs. 


Jonathan said, "As my mother is a Latin mother, always worried, I had to find a way to tell her that I was fine. ‘So I found a way. I started to take pictures in a lot of funny or scary situations with my sign saying "Mom, I'm fine. She is still worried, like every mother. But in the end, she is happy because she knows I’m having the time of my life”. Check out part of his journey below."

In Cancun, a group of women in bikini   helping Jonathan Quinonez to deliver his message to mom !


Jumping out of a plane in Mexico, don’t think his mom will be relaxed after seeing this picture.


Taken in Cartagena, Colombia, nice way to calm your mom down?


Doing a Salsa dance in Cuba with a beautiful girl. 


Colombian actress and TV host Melissa Martinez delivers Quinonez's message at a football match in Medellin


A peaceful sloth from sloth at a rescue centre in Costa Rica helped Jonathan to let his mother know that he was fine. 


With a fruit seller from Columbia. 


At Bocas Del Toro on the Caribbean coast of Panama


Sending his message from a shipwreck in the depths of the Caribbean Sea



Cayos Zapatilla, an island off the coast of Panama, this one looks calm


La Fortuna, in Costa Rica, was one of the beautiful places Quinonez visited on his tour of the Americas



Close to Arenal Volcano, an active volcano Stratovolcano in Costa Rica. 


Scary with alligator at a zoo in Cancun, his mother won’t be happy after seeing this. 


From a forest in Costa Rica. 


Sending his message from a shipwreck in the depths of the Caribbean Sea. 



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