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“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have new and different sun.”       :-  Jon Krakauer 

Most of us live a planned life, getting up in the morning, getting ready for the work, spending your precious hours on jobs that you don’t like, get back home, watch TV, eat food, sleep and the next day you repeat the same process. Or study, find a job, work your butt off, get married, make kids, get old and die, is that what you call a life? Why can’t you think out outside the box? Do something creative, plant some trees, work for the protection of planet and wildlife or just travel around the world, that’s called living the life, the only life we have.  Most of us get stuck in the cycle of life without realizing that there are places to see in this world, that we have to break free sometimes from the cycle of life to feel the life.  The studies shows that the people who travel are happier than the people who don’t.  Travellers always find their way to explore the world, they don’t care about the excuses and they become extra ordinary travellers.   The travellers in this article did what they love, they have travelled, and some of them travelled the whole Planet Earth, amazing travellers.  

1# Gunnar Garfors: The youngest man who visited every Country on Earth.

Gunnar Garfors is from Norway, he is the author of the book, '198: How I ran out of countries'. The Norwegian media professional started to travel at the age of one with his family and the first country he visited was Greece.  As he grew older he started travelling without family, aged 17 Gunnar visited 13 countries in Europe, which was the turning point in his life and travelling became a hobby.  At the age of 34 he travelled to 85 countries and by the time he reached 37 there was no more country left on Earth for him to explore.  

But what is more interesting about his achievement is that he did not leave his job for travelling around the world. He carefully planned his travels, visited every country on the plant and achieved the “World’s youngest hobby traveller to visit every country” title in the year 2013. It depends on the mentality of the people, according to the 40 year old traveller; “A lot of people claim to not have money for travelling, but it is all about priorities and dedication. They have the money, it will just take some planning. Just pack sensibly. I have travelled with hand luggage only for five weeks.”  In 2013 Gafors reached his final destination, Cape Verde.  So next time do not search for an excuse to escape from travelling instead search for a destination. 

2# Sandeep and Chetan: Couple who sold their home to travel around the world.

They fell in love because they liked travel and nature, even though that was not the only reason they fell in love, but travelling played a bigger part.  The couple from Mumbai decided to see the places around the world and decided to quit the jobs which gave them good sums of money. Sandeep, an Electronics engineer and Chetan an advertising and design professional have visited eight countries so far. The first place they have visited together was Coorg a place to see in India, located in the Karnataka state of India.  Even though they have sold their house to travel around the world, but now they are the top travel bloggers in India and have been featured in National geographic and Yahoo Travel.  Sometimes we have to sacrifice some things to become the real travellers. 

3# Zenith Irfan: A brave Pakistani girl fulfilling her father’s dream to travel the world.

Zenith Irfan, a 21 year old young girl from Lahore is on a mission to fulfil her father’s dream, which he couldn’t fulfil due to his death. After his death, her father’s dream became her dream and she learned to ride the bike and started travelling around the countryside. It is a huge leap for a woman from Pakistan a conservative country in the Asian continent, where the women are not considered to have equal power as men or are marginalized. She is the only one of her in kind in the Pakistan, she is hoping that her travels will empower women of Pakistan and her explorations will help to destroy the stereotypes.  So far she has covered 3200 kilometres, but her biggest dream is to travel the world. You can support her by following her on the Facebook page “Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels.” 

4# Atul Warrier:  A globetrotter from India who sold everything to travel the world. 

There are only few people on Earth who would sell all the precious belongings to achieve their dreams, Atul Warrier is one of them. Atul Warrier is a traveller from Kerala, a must see destination in India. He was an event manger in company, but he was not happy with the corporate life.  He started travelling around South India, but then he became addicted to travelling and realized that his passion is to travel the world.  He resigned from the job. Sold his belongings and bought a new bike and remodified the bike to fit his long journey across the world, which he calls the “Warrier’s trail”.   The 38 year old traveller is exploring Oman at the moment, his dream is to explore 40 countries from five continents.  According to Atul, The journey allowed him to meet people of different countries, and made him a better human being.  

5# P K Mahanandia: The Indian artists who travelled from Indian to Europe to meet his love. 

P K Mahanadia is a unique traveller because he did the impossible, he bicycled from India to Europe to meet his love Charlotte Von Schedvin. They met each other during the winter of 1975 and fell in love like in a fairy tale. According to Mahanandia, his mother predicted about the love of his life, she said, “You would marry someone whose zodiac sign would be Taurus, she would come from a faraway land, she would be musical and would own a jungle.”, which somehow turned out to be true as she played piano, her zodiac sign was Taurus and her family owned a jungle. The lovers soon got married Charlotte left to Europe. They kept in touch through letters, PK couldn’t afford a place ticket so he sold everything and bought a bicycle.

 He started his journey on 22 January 1977, it was the time most of the countries did not need a visa to enter most countries.  Every day he travelled 70 kilometres through the Hippie Trail, art came to his rescue where language became problem and it gave him food.  He travelled across 8 countries and reached Europe on May 1977 and met the love of his life. Now they are living in Sweden with two kids. His epic journey proves us that it is not the matter of money all you need is to have mindset to travel around the world. 

6# Vladimir Barbu: A Romanian 4 year old who travelled 28,000 km on a bike. 

A Romanian family has travelled across Europe and visited 41 countries in the summer of 2015. Photographer Mihai Barbu, his girlfriend Oana and their son Vladimir Barbu were part of this ultimate roadtrip.  Vladimir can be considered as one of the luckiest boys on this planet because only few adults get this kind of chance for an epic road trip, thanks to his parents that he had the opportunity to see 41 countries within the age of four.  The family travelled on Ural Ranger sidecar, which they have nick named as Zair. On their way they have collected the flag stickers of every country they have visited, what an amazing family.  In order to reduce the expense they have camped in the wild or in camp sites, stayed with friends, tried cheap hotels and they even slept on roofs.  The 36 year old photographer said,” In my opinion, motorcycles are the only option when it comes to travel and seeing the world. With cars and planes you do not get to experience that much. You don’t get to feel warm when it’s hot and wet when it’s raining.” These words shows that he is a real traveller, if that is not enough here is another example, he did solo travel to Mongolia in 2009 on a BMW bike.  

#7 Jean Beliveau: The man who travelled by foot for 11 years and visited 6 continents. 

Jean Beliveau, packed everything and started travelling, yes he did. The Canadian globe trekker left Montreal on 18 august 2000 and travelled to 64 countries over 6 continents, stayed with 1600 families. He was 45 years old when he started walking, he spent 11 years and 2 months walking around the Earth. During his 11 years of travel, his wife Luce visited him 11 times and she said, “Each trip was as new as honeymoon.”  Jean planned his trip for nine months, but by the time he was ready to leave he had only a trolley of camping, for most of us it would need a truck full of stuff for such an epic journey.  He had $4000 Canadian dollars, he changed 54 pair of shoes, walked 75,554 kilometres and was 56 by the time he reached his final destination.   His motive behind this epic journey was to promote peace and non-violence towards children, it is the longest known uninterrupted travel around the world by foot.

 When he finally got back from his adventure he said, ”When I came back I had a very hard time. For me, life on the road was the real life. It’s healthy to meet people and the world is not so bad.You want to do something before you die. I figured I had maybe 30 more years on this planet and I wanted to do it.  I left with a humble spirit. My goal is to learn not to teach. The walk was about everyone I met – people’s humanity, their desire to explore the world. So many people supported me so it wasn’t just my walk; it was theirs too". 
His route consisted of Montreal > Brazil >South Africa >Egypt >Morocco >Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany) >Turkey >Iran > India > China > Japan >Taiwan > Borneo> Java >Australia.

 8# Patrick Pichette: Google CFO who left the $5mn job to travel around the world. 

Patrick Pichette was the former Chief Financial Officer of Google, who left his $ 5mn job to travel the world with his family.  He decided to leave the job because he wanted to strike right balance between  work and life.  So far he visited few countries such as Canada, USA, India, Nepal and few countries in Africa, he wants to go on and visit more countries.  Sometimes we have to snap out of the world we live in and explore the real world. 

9# Christopher McCandless: An American hiker, the real life inspiration behind the movie “Into the Wild.”

For some it is a sad story but for some it is an inspiration to travel.  Christopher was 24 years old when he started travelling to Alaskan wilderness, he hitchhiked into Alaska where he wanted some time alone.  He found an abandoned bus, he called it “Magic bus” in which he spent his last days, Two years before his journey, and Christopher disconnected his ties with family and donated $24000 to charity.  

He spent more than 100 days in the Alaskan wilderness, he survived buy hunting and foraging. He died in the Magic bus which is located in Denali and it now acts as a memorial of Christopher.  Every year hundreds of travellers visit this shrine, in memory of young hitchhiker.  


The point is that you are not here on Earth just to pay the bills and die. You are born as a free human, it is in your essence to explore the world, learn things and experience life.  Travel is one of the best ways to shape the character, it makes you humble, it uplifts your spirit all the above, it increases your compassion towards the fellow beings.  There are lonely paths, woods, rivers, hills that nobody have ever visited, it is waiting for you, and it is waiting to be explored. Get out there, pack your back packs and disappear. 




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