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        Magda Wasiczek is a polish photographer who has a good taste for the macro world. She is a graduate of Ukrainian Philology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, but follows her artistic interests in the area of nature photography and macro photography.  Within a short period of time, due to the quality of the work she became a famous figure. Her work looks like as if it is out of a fairy tale story.  

Magda Wasiczek has received many recognitions and won many awards in photographic competitions in Poland and overseas. 

 This is what she had to say about her passion:-


 Photography to me is a tool of raising the awareness to the beauty of nature. I’ve learned to see invisible things, to enjoy million small details, which I did not pay attention to before.



I do not know who or why, what strength created the world that surrounds us. I know that it is an unusual and fascinating in every smallest detail.



Before I began photographing, I liked to draw, paint. Then I just changed the tool and instead of brushes and pencils I began to use lenses and I have learned to use their optical properties to achieve the desired effects.



I want to show the world of plants or insects in such a way that would impress an average person who has paid no attention to the world at his feet or even hated those “nasty bugs”.



When going to the meadow or the garden, I have no planned shots. I let the nature surprise me. I love the thrill when you find a theme in the open air. It’s like opening presents at Christmas.



I want to present my vision of the world, this idyllic paradise of fairy tales. I hope that looking at my pictures, a child inside of them wakes up, because the world in the eyes of a child is always more colourful, fascinating, mysterious and full of surprises.


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Picture courtesy: Magda Wasiczek.

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