I photographed an exotic destination in Kerala, Illikkal Mountain and found a hidden waterfall.Back

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Illikkal kallu or Illikkal hill is a tourist destination in Kerala located in Kottayam district, close to Poonjar town. This hill station in Kottayam is best for photography and trekking.  The winding roads, waterfalls, foggy mountains and the scenic landscape makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kottayam. I had the opportunity to visit this amazing tourist destination, it was less crowded when I have visited the place and climate was perfect. Have a look at my photographs, I am not a professional I am just a traveller. 


On our way to Illikkal kallu, winding roads and lush green surroundings.


A small brook on the way to the top. 


Hair pin bend road to the top of the mountain. 


The fog covered mountain top. Roll your windows up or else water can get in. 


A curious red bug 


Wood mushroom


A small kind of mushroom that grows on leaves 


Dark blue beetle 


Amazing landscape 


View from the top of the Illikkal Mountain is amazing !


The giant rock sits on the edge of the mountain, it has 90 degree angle and according to the locals half of the rock fell down ages ago. 


Getting closer to the massive rock. The fog gives it a magical look. 


A closer look, Lichens and moss color the rock 


A hidden water fall that is located five kilometers from the Illikkal Mountain. 


This water fall is  a bonus while visiting Illikkal mounatin. A local person told us about this stunning waterfall. 


Magnificent, but dangerous do not cross it during monsoon and always expect quick floods. 


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