I have visited Hogenakkal Waterfalls in Karnataka, a wonderful tourist place to see in India.Back

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Travelling is my passion and photography decorates my passion, I have visited many places in India.  Travelling rejuvenates my soul, it always has helped me to become a better person. I enjoy the tiny things while travelling, such as the local food, the life style, the interaction rather than the high paid hotels and beautiful landscape probably because I am more of a traveller than a tourist. 

I recently visited a place in  Tamil Nadu located close to Karnataka border called Hogenakkal, a wonderful and wild place. An amazing place with culture that offers everything for a traveller from tasty local food to adventure to great scenic landscape. Hogenakkal waterfalls is a must see tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, a state in India. Enjoy the journey through my photos.


It was a fine morning at Hogenakkal Falls. The best time to visit Hogenakkal is after the rainy season. 

Morning rituals 

Every morning before sunshine women draw Kolams on the ground with white rice flour, Kolams are thought to bring prosperity to homes.

Cleansing the ground with cow dung, Hindus believe that cow dung has medicinal and anti-bacterial properties. 


Traditional copper vessel used for making tea, the vessel keeps the water/milk warm for a long period of time. 
Chai or tea 

Hot Chai or tea 

Tasty breakfast, called idly. Idly is a traditional breakfast in South India, is a savoury rice cake baked in steam and served hot with a condiment such as sambar or chutney. 


Life Style 

A local man covered in clothes to escape the morning cold.






Getting ready to welcome the travellers. Coracle ride is a main attraction in Hogenakkal falls, for locals it is one of the main ways through which they earn money. 


Life is hard for some, this kid is looking for travellers so that he can earn some money by showing them around like a guide. 

An old man offering his morning prayers to the God, close to the River Kaveri. 


Street vendor selling locally grown vegetables. 


Incredible Landscape 



Hogenakkal is blessed with amazing landscape.


For those who love a peaceful time. 


Get lost in the stunning and serene landscape. 


Coracle ride is adventurous and exciting . 



A small waterfall 


The daredevil kid who is getting ready to jump into the water from the dangerous cliffs for few Indian rupees.


Another waterfall in the River, Coracle allows the travellers to get close to the waterfall an amazing experience, but cover your electronic equipment in plastic. 






A man fishing while sitting   on the millions of years old graphite rocks shaped by the River. 


Cleaning the fresh fish 


The woman marinates the fish using local recipes, looks tasty. 


Live cooking using wood fire.  


Enjoy the fish fry  thinking about the amazing landscape and millions of year old.


Ruins of an old house. Trek through the small forest to reach the major waterfall in Hogenakkal.  

As the water level drops, the sediments leaves marks on the rocks, the sharp edges of the rocks have long gone, it is smooth and round now.


The waterfall gets bigger and wilder during the rainy season, often giving it the name, The Niagara of India. 


The canyons are dangerous but it is a stunning place. 

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