He photographed the dangerous Fire Festival in Japan that has a strange connection with Indian Culture. (10+pics)Back

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Obon the Festival of Souls is a major festival in Japan, which recalls the ancestors.  This Buddhist custom honours the souls of ancestors, Japanese people believe that the souls return back to our world to visit the relatives.  This amazing religious event happens during the mid of August every year, many tourists visit Japan to witness this 500 year old tradition.  


The Obon festival has a connection with India. The word Obon originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Ullambana Sutra’ and the tradition of Bon Odori (Bon dance) started from the Indian Buddhist monk Maudgalyayana one of the disciples of Buddha.  The folk dance welcome the spirits of the ancestor, the dancing style varies across the country depending upon the region where it’s performed.  

At the end of the festival lanterns are released into the lakes, rivers and sea in order to guide the spirits back to their world. 

 Hidenobu Suzuki, a photographer and beautician from Japan captured the stunning images of Fire festival in Japan. The images reveal the 500 year old tradition and its beauty.  



Tezutsu Hand-Held Fireworks (Hada Festival) Handheld Fireworks in Japan. 



Gion Matsuri festival at the Yoshida Shrine in Toyohashi City in Japan is another major fire festival. The firework festival  occur  on the third Friday in July.

Pillars of fire shoot up to as high as 32 feet into the sky  and flickers scatter around with a big sound. 



Floating Lanterns mark the end of Fires Festival in Japan.


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