Flash flood traps tourist in the middle of a creek in, Sundarjal, Nepal. VideoBack

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It seems like there is some connection with the low flowing creeks and tourists, especially those with some big round rocks. It is fun to hop from rock to rock to cross the low flowing rock but sometimes there are hidden risks.  The water level can rise up quickly and this tourist learned it the hard way, watch the video to know how they saved the day.

The incident happened in Sundarjal river in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The unwary tourist was hopping from rock to rock as the water level began rising up quickly, too quickly that rocks around him disappeared, leaving the tourist stranded on the rock.  But the rescue team was around and they bravely saved the man, at the end it was a happy day for everyone.

The video teaches us many things about visiting the wild places. Tourists must learn about the geography of the location and the hidden dangers. Flash floods are common in these type of regions, always ask for the advises from local people or experts before exploring the unknown wild places.




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