Elephant attacks and kills the buffalo, Photos of strange animal behavior.Back

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Animals are highly unpredictable, they are highly territorial and would kill anything to protect their territory.  Kimberly Maurer and her travelling companions were visiting the famous Masai Mara wildlife reserve in Kenya. The travellers encountered the strange conflict between the Cape buffalo and a mother elephant.  The buffalo was sleeping under the bush, then the mother elephant with three babies moved towards the buffalo.


All of a sudden the buffalo stood up, trying to warn off the elephants, but the mother elephant took it as a threat to the family and charged towards the buffalo. Both the animals engaged in a head butt, which eventually resulted in buffalo loosing it’s balance and falling to the ground.

Once fell down, the mother elephant stabbed her tusks in to the sides of the buffalo, then lifted it straight up and smashed it on to the ground.

The buffalo limped off few feet away from the attack scene, with blood pouring out from the wounds, after few minutes the magnificent animal died. Once the elephants realized the threat was over, the gentle giant led her family to the other side of the grass land.  


Elephants are fierce when it comes to protecting the babies, this behaviour sheds more light into the animal  behaviour.

Photographs by KimMaurer



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