Creepy museum in London is filled with mythical and alien creatures, fake or real?Back

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The mysterious museum in London is not normal due to the fact that it doesn’t exhibit any kind of usual specimens.  The museum is known as the Merrylin Cryptid Collection, the collection is confusing scientists since its discovery in 2006 when a group of demolition group discovered a group of mysterious boxes seemingly unmoved since 1940.  The discovery shocked the whole world as it contains supernatural collection of flora and fauna.  Most of the specimens contained unknown species of animals, such as dragons, skeletons with horns, a small human skeleton with wings, a head that looks like a vampire and the list goes on. Merrylin Cryptid Museum is the life's work of Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno -Archaeologist Thomas Merrylin, this alien looking specimens is more than enough to shock and surprise any travellers who visit this peculiar museum in London.   The museum contains the specimens, detailed analysis of the animals and materials used by Thomas Merrylin for his work.  Nobody knows if this is fake or real, but whoever has seen this collection is in an absolute state of shock. The museum is not open for travellers at the moment but curator Alex C F is hoping to open a museum soon, so that the public can view the strange collection of animals.  













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