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Karnataka is blessed with some of the exotic and largest waterfalls in India, which has given it an important position in Indian tourism map. Karnataka has more than 60 waterfalls and these waterfalls are the major tourist places in Karnataka.  Here are the list of some of the most famous waterfalls in Karnataka.


Weather in Karnataka

Winter season in Karnataka: January to February

Summer season in Karnataka: March to May

Monsoon season in Karnataka: May to September

Post-monsoon season in Karnataka: October to December.


1. Jog Falls. Shivamogga district.  One of the best places to visit in Karnataka.

Best time to visit Jog Falls: June-December.

Location: 400 km from Bangalore, 105 km from Shimoga and 161 km from Hubli.


2. Chunchi Falls, Kanakapura.

Best time to visit Cunchi falls: After monsoon and during winter

Location: 83 Kms from Bangalore and 101 Kms from Mysore.


3. Abbey Falls, Kodagu.

Best time to visit Abbey falls: During monsoon season or September-January

Location: 8 km from the Madikeri, 268 km from Bangalore and 122 km from Mysore.


4. Iruppu falls, Kodagu.

Best Time to Visit Irupu Falls: August to January

Location: 250 kms from Bangalore.


5. Kalhatti falls, Vadiyuru, Chikmagalur.

Best time to visit Kalhatti falls: January to December

Location: 283 kms from Bangalore and 79 kms from Chikmagalur.


6. Chelavara Falls, Cheyyandane, Madikeri.

Best time to visit to Chelavara falls: August to November.

Location: 261 kms from Bangalore.


Best time to visit Unchalli Falls: July-August

Location: 442 kms from Bangalore, 38 kms from Sirsi and 141 kms from Hubli.


8. Vibhooti falls, Matthighatta road, Uttara Kannada.

Best time to visit Vibhooti falls: October and March.

Location: 430 kms from Bangalore, 50 kms from Sirsi and 130 kms from Hubli.


9. Benne Hole Falls. Kasage. (21 kms from Sirsi towards Kumta).

Best time to visit Benne Hoe falls: October – February.

Location: 440 kms from Bangalore.

120 kms from Hubli.


10. Gerusappa falls, In between Sagara and Honnavara.

Best time to visit Gerusappa falls: October – February.

Location: Bangalore 440 kms, Sirsi 26 kms


11. Majjige falls, near yellapura.

Best time to visit Majjige falls: October – February.

Can't go closer, you can just view this waterfall from one of the viewpoints of Magod falls.


12. Magod falls

Best time to visit Magod falls: October – December.

Location: 18 kms from Yellapura, Uttara Kannada, 442 kms from Bangalore and 89 kms from Hubli.


13. Hogenakkal falls. One of the best tourist place in Karnataka.

Best time to visit Hogenakkal falls: June-December.

Location: 180 kms from Bangalore,


14. Chunchanakatte falls, krishnarajanagar (taluk) Mysore.

Best time to visit Chunchanakatte falls: January-February.

Location: 57 kms from Mysore and 210 kms from Bangalore.

15. Gokak falls.

Best time to visit Gokak falls: July-October.

Location: 60 kms from Belagavi and 560 kms from Bangalore.


16. Mekedatu falls. Kanakapura.

Best time to visit Mekedatu falls: October-March

Location: 195 kms from Bangalore


17. Muthyala muduvu, Thimmanaikanahalli.

Best time to visit Muthyala muduvu: August-September.

Location: 40 kms from Bangalore.


18. Mallalli falls, Kumaralli, Coorg.

Best time to visit Mallalli falls: During monsoon and soon after monsoon.

Location: 42 kms from Kushalnagar.

250 kms from Bangalore.


19. Hebbe falls.

Best time to visit Hebbe falls: October-January

Location: 6 km from Kemmangundi, 36 km from Tarikere and 66 km from Chikmagalur.


20. Apsarakonda falls.

Best time to visit Apsarakonda falls: June-October

Location: 7 km from Honavar, 28 km from Kumta and 20 km from Murudeshwar.


21. Arishina Gundi falls.

Best time to visit Arishina Gundi falls: October-February, December to February is ideal because the rocks are not slippery, water is calm and less leaches.

Location: 83 kms from Udupi and 10 Kms from Kollur Temple


22. Barkana falls.

Best time to visit Barkana falls: February- March and June-November

Location: 52 Kms from Udupi, 36 Kms from Tirthahalli, 22 Kms from Hebri and 8 Kms from Agumbe



23. Onake Abbi falls.

Best time to visit Onake Abbi falls: November to January.

Location: 45 Kms from Udupi, 8 Kms from Agumbe


24. Koosalli falls.

Best time to visit Koosalli falls: October-December.

Location: 45 Kms from Murudeshwar, 54 kms from Jog Falls, 95 Kms from Udupi  and 20 Kms from Shiroor (on Udupi - Karwar road)


25. Sirimane falls.

Best time to visit Sirimane falls: October-December.

Location: 15 Kms from Sringeri and 330 kms from Bangalore.


26. Achakanya falls

Best time to visit Achakanya falls: July-mid November

Location: 89 Kms from Udupi, 16 Kms from Tirthahalli,  72 Kms from Sagar  and 75 Kms from Shimoga.

27. Jogi Gundi falls.

Best time to visit Jogi Gundi falls: October-December

Location: 47 Kms from Udupi, 17 Kms from Hebri  and 3 Kms from Agumbe.


28. Belli Gundi falls.

Best time to visit Belli Gundi falls: October-December

Location: 93 Kms from Udupi and 17 Kms from Shiroor.


29. Hanuman Gundi falls.

Best time to visit Hanuman Gundi falls: October-May

Location: 26 Kms from Sringeri and 15 Kms from Kudremukh.


30. Hidlumane falls.

Best time to visit Hidlumane falls: September-January

Location: 72 Kms from Murudeshwar, 88 Kms from Udupi, 33 Kms from Hosanagara, 53 Kms from Sagar, 109 Kms from Shimoga  and  15 Kms from Kollur Temple.

31. Burude falls, Honnekomb.

Best time to visit Burude falls: September-January

Location: 23 kms from Siddapur and 55 kms from Sirsi on Siddapur-Kumta road.


32. Jomlu theertha falls.

Best time to visit Jomlu theertha falls: November-April

Location: 40 Kms from Udupi, 12 Kms from Hebri and 25 Kms from Agumbe. 


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