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Human beings love travelling and sports, different countries and cultures have different kinds of sports. Some of them are simple, some of them are complicated and some of them are weird.  Most of the sports in the ancient world were connected with the survival, or a way to prove the strength and stamina that was needed for the survival. These bizarre sports are funny and dangerous. 


1# Buzkashi: Goat dragging in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, a pit stop on the famous Hippie trail, renowned for the beautiful country side and tough mountains, have been ravaged by the wars recently.  Once famous for the ancient sites and beautiful tourist spots, is a distant memory now.  Even though Afghanistan is dangerous for the travellers, but according to the reports the number of tourist are on the rise and people are slowly settling down with what they have left.  The peace loving people of Afghanistan still indulge in sports activities, Buzkashi is one of those Afghan sports in which the players on the horseback tries to drag the carcass of a goat towards a goal, which is usually a flag or hole in the ground. The national sport of Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous sports on earth.  Buzkashi is played all over in Central Asia, it has been depicted in the movie Rambo III, as Rambo plays with the Afghan soldiers.


2# Cooper’s Hill cheese Rolling and Wake: England

England is blessed with many tourists’ spots such as Lake District National Park, Windsor Castle and London, the most expensive city in the world. Every year millions of travellers visit England to see the places and to experience the culture. There are many activities do in England and Cheese Rolling is one of them.  The Cheese Rolling festival is held at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, England during the Spring Bank Holiday.  The Cheese Rolling is a traditional festival for locals, but now travellers from other places take part in it, the festival starts by rolling the cheese from the top of hill, which weighs around 4 kilograms and the competitors try to chase the cheese. Whoever catches the cheese or whoever runs fast will get the first prize. Injuries are common as the competitors lose their step quite easily and fall down, but this cheese sport is one of the famous sports in the world, what a bizarre game!!!


3# Haka Pei in Easter Islands

Easter Island is  one of the must see destinations on Earth where the famous Moai statues still stands revealing the vibrant past off the Easter Islands.  The people in Easter Islands and their language is known us Rapa Nui, for 500 years they believed they are the only people on Earth. Easter Island is located in the south eastern Pacific Ocean, this is a must see destination in Chilea. The beautiful destination has some unique sports and rituals, which are created by years of isolation from the rest of the population. Haka Pei is a type of Tobogganing in which two banana tree-trunks are tied together to form a sledge and the men are almost naked and are allowed to wear only a lion cloth.  The competition starts by launching the banana tree- trunk sledge from the top of a hill which has a height of 300 meters and is covered in grass. As the sledge picks up speed up to 80 km/h the rider struggles to hold on to the sledge until it stops.  According to the competitors, “You are not in control of anything, all you can hear is grass swooshing and trunk smashing on to the mud.” This crazy sport is part of the Tapati festival in Easter Islands.


4# Bull Jumping: Ethiopia

Ethiopia a country blessed with beautiful landscapes, wildlife, forest and World heritage site is home to various tribes.  The Hamer tribe has a population of 46532 and inhabits the Hamer district in the Southwestern Ethiopia.  The Hamer tribe is famous for various extreme rituals such as beating the women with a stick to prove their strength, which is the part of the male initiation ceremony. Cows are the important part of the Hamer community, a sign of wealth and prosperity. The Bull jumping is the ceremonial passage for men coming of age. The man must jump over 15-30 bulls, which are coated in mud or dung, four times naked without falling. The man who completes the ritualistic sport becomes the Maza.


5# Wife carrying: Finland.

Yes, you heard it right, people in Finland do that, while some men complain about getting their partners off their backs, at least for a while. Wife carrying race is held annually at Sonkajarvi, Finland in which the male competitors carry their female partners and they have to pass through various obstacles.   The best thing about this sport is that that winner will get beer, which equals the weight of their partners, well something worth trying for.


6# Ferret legging: England

It involves a ferret and a leggings, which is clear from the title of this sport.   The rules are simple, the competitors must tie their trousers at their ankles and then shove the live Ferrets down their pants.  As the trouser is tied the ferrets have no place to escape and it just walks around inside the trouser. The winner is the one who lasts longer without letting the Ferret out, but remember the competitors are not allowed to wear underwear, also the ferrets are armed with claws and sharp teeth. The current world record is 5 hours and 30 minutes, would you like to try it?


7# Naghol Jump: Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a Pacific Island nation, one of the best places to see on Earth. An island encircled by white sandy beaches, clear blue shallow waters, lush green forests and the native people make it an ideal place for tourists. The beautiful pacific island is a less explored destination famous for the Naghol or N’gol jump, the ancestor of Bungee jump.  Naghol is the land diving ritual performed by the tribal men of southern part of Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. The ritual is part of the ceremony in which the young boy becomes a man, the women dress up in vibrant colour dresses, the elder leader of the community selects the healthy men who are ready for the jump. The men jump from the top of 30 feet wooden tower, with just two wines tied to their ankles. The wines are carefully selected with the right amount of length the only thing that prevents death or broken neck, the ground is made soft to absorb the shock of the jump. The jump is highly dangerous, if the wines are not of the right length the jumpers will die by hitting the ground, the jump often damages ankles of the jumpers.   


8# Log race: central Brazil

Xavante tribe is located in the eastern territory of Mato Grosso state in Brazil. The log running is one of the most important ceremony for the Xavante people, in which the two Xavante clans carry the palm tree trunks which can weigh up to 80 kilograms over a certain distance.  There are no winners or losers in this race, this aesthetic event aims at bringing out the innate abilities.  One thing we need  to learn from the tribal people. 


9# Onbashira: Japan

Onbashira is one of the weirdest sports on earth because of the risk associated with it.  The 1200 year old festival is conducted every six years in the Lake Suwa area of Nagano, Japan.  The festival includes launching of the 20000 pound logs from the top of  a hill and few chosen people can ride on top of it while the log tumbles, rolls and races towards the valley. The festival has two parts such as Yamadashi and Satobiki. Yamadashi is the first part in which the 16 chosen woods are cut down using primitive tool and then they drag it 10 kilometres to the Suwa Garden Shrine, as the woods are from the mountains the log ride is inevitable. Satobiki is the process of parading the logs through the village in order to erect them in the Suwa Grand Shrine. This sport is extremely dangerous and it kills or injures people every time it is held, but it still attracts thousands of travellers.  The next Onbashira is in 2016 so pack your bags, sadly only Japanese are allowed to participate, but you can always enjoy the festival. 


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