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                          Kumarakom a jewel among the backwaters of Kerala, located in the beautiful district of Kottayam this amazing tourist spot is part of Kerala backwaters.   Situated 14km west of Kottayam town, is a must see destination in Kottayam, Kumarakom is a part of Kuttanad, the land that has an elevation below sea level. Kuttanad is famous for its paddy fields, coconut trees and back waters. Filled with mangrove forests, emerald green paddy fields and coconut groves interspersed with enchanting waterways and canals adorned with white lilies makes Kumarakom one of the best places to visit in Kerala.  

Best time to visit Kumarakom is from September to February. The climate is pleasant during these months, by September the monsoon in Kerala comes to a stop and the heat is bearable.


Kumarakom can be reached by buses and taxi cars. Nearest town to Kumarakom backwaters is the town of Kottayam.  It can also be reached through water.


1. Vembanad Lake and Kumarakom Backwaters.

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The Vembanad Lake is situated 16 kms from Kottayam town, the large network of rivers and canals of Kottayam empty into this lake, which makes it the largest lake in Kerala it is also the longest lake in India. The Vembanad Lake is a major part of the Keral Tourism. The picturesque Vembanad Lake is home to migratory birds and famous for the Snake boat race held every year during the time of Onam (a major festival in Kerala).  Travellers often visit this amazing tourist spot in Kerala to experience the luxury of traditional Kerala houseboats.


2. Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls

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Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls in Kumarakom is a five step waterfall that has a height of 100 feet. This picnic spot in Kumarakom is best for local tours and photography.  The waterfall gets stronger during the monsoon and loses its strength once the rain stops, so it is ideal to visit this place in Kumarakom soon after monsoon in Kerala.


3. Bay Island drift wood museum

Picture courtesy:hikeezecom

Bay island drift wood museum is place to see in Kottayam. This unique museum is located in the north of Kumarakom village, of Kottayam. This modern museum specializes in drift wood sculptures, the ocean deposits the woods on the shore, and for most of  the people  it’s just a piece of rotten wood, but for some it’s an artistic piece.  Artists turn the drift woods into amazing sculptures.

Location: Chakranpadi, Kumarakom North, Kottayam Dist.


4. Pathiramanal Island

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Pathiramanal or sands of midnight is a place to see in Kottayam, this enchanting island is located on the Vembanad Lake. Pathiramanal Island can be accessed by boat from Kumarakom. This 10 acre island on the backwaters is home to many rare varieties of migratory birds and local birds of Kerala. The island lies between Thaneermukkom and Kumarakom, and is accessible only by boat.


5. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

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The bird sanctuary is beautiful place to visit in Kumarakom, located on the banks of Vembanad Lake this bird sanctuary is home to thousands of migratory birds.  The 14 acre sanctuary used to be a rubber plantation during the time of British, later turned into a bird sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to various, trees, birds and small animals. Migratory birds like the Siberian Stork, egret, darter, and heron, and teal, local birds such as the water fowl, cuckoo, owl and water hen, other common varieties like the wood pecker, sky lark, crane and parrots are the major visitors of Kumarakom bird sanctuary.  There are 91 Species of local 50 species of migratory birds, which make it bird watcher’s heaven.  

Timing is an important factor while visiting this amazing bird sanctuary in Kerala, the local birds can be watched during the months of June-August and migratory birds come during the months of November-February.


6. Kumarakom beach

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Kumarakom beach is a good clean beach that offers a relaxing atmosphere.  This is not a typical seaside beach, but instead this beach is part of the Vembanad Lake. The vast Vembanad Lake has created a shore that looks like a sea beach, even though it is not a sea beach, but it has all the flavours of a sea beach. Long walks, swimming, sail in houseboat or watch the sun set, the Kumarakom beach is perfect, the cool wind and picturesque surrounding are best for photography tours and picnics.


7. Local toddy shops

Picture courtesy:Ranjithshenoy

Never heard of toddy before? In that case, you must visit Kerala to drink this amazing mild alcoholic drink. The sap from the flowers of Coconut trees or Palm trees produce a heavenly drink that is alcoholic it is   sweet, bubbly like a beer and has smoky flavour. The toddy shops or toddy bars always have been the part of Kerala culture and it is also the best place in Kerala to taste the food. The Toddy shops prepare and serve the famous local delicacies that can range from seafood to meat items. Kumarakom has few of the best Toddy shops that serves best Toddy and seafood. So don’t forget to visit these local alcohol huts, it will enhance your experiences in Kumarakom.


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