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 Planet earth is a magnificent place in the universe, so unique that there is no such other place exists in the universe.   But there exists some places on Earth, which looks so alien that it makes us fell that it came straight  out of a science fiction novel. These alien places are so rare that, most of them are considered as the best exotic tourist destinations on earth, which attracts millions of travellers every year. Some of these places are must see destinations that a traveller should visit once in their lifetime.  Tourists often are fascinated by the beauty of rivers , waterfalls, lakes, ponds and seas, but only few knows about the waterbodies, that boils and some of them are so hot that you can cook your food. But don’t be afraid about this boiling waters because these waterbodies are one of the best tourist places on earth.

#1. Boiling River of Peru, Largest boiling River in the world.

                                                                  The head of shaman community standing next to the boiling river, Picture courtesy:Andres Ruzo

Andres Ruzo is a geoscientist, traveller and a national geographic explorer who heard the legend about the boiling river  when he was a kid. When he grew up he became a geoscientist and specialized in geothermal energy.  He travelled deep into the Amazon jungle to find out the truth.  For several days he hiked, canoed to reach the destination. When he reached the destination, he said it was an overwhelming experience, “As we came closer, it sounded like ocean waves constantly crashing and as we got closer I saw smoke vapour coming up through the trees, then I saw the river. I immediately grabbed my thermometer and average temperature in the river was 86 degree Celsius,”  Andres said in his Ted speech.  The river boils and anything that falls into it dies and cooks, the water is hotter than a cup of coffee close to the boiling point, but this amazing river has its own unique organisms which live in the boiling water.   The river is called Shanay-Timpshika meaning  heated by the sun is located in the  Amazon rainforest outside  the village of Honoria in the province of Huanuco in Peru.

Boiling bubbles, Picture courtesy: Andres Ruzo

The river has a length of 4 miles, a width of at least  4 meters and depth of 16 feet in places, what makes this river unique is that there are no volcanic activity in the area, normally hot springs originates due to the volcanic activities. This beautiful and unique river is the heart of Shamanic culture. The upper Amazonian forest, where the river is located is home to jaguars, White- throated toucans, Hoatzin, monkeys, rare plants species, trees, birds and reptiles which makes it a perfect destination for the tourists. Shamanic people, the indigenous tribes now provides some herbal treatments for the tourists which uses the healing power of the boiling River. Shanay-Timpshika or the Boiling river is a must see destination in Peru. This special river is not protected by the government but, it is very important to protect such an amazing eco system for the future generations. The illegal loggers, poachers and cattle farmers threaten the existence of such incredible river, it is our responsibility to protect because there is no other Shanay-Timpshika on Earth.

#2. Grand prismatic spring in Yellow stone National Park USA.

 Picture courtesy: nationalgeographic

Yellow stone national park in the  USA is one of the best wild life sanctuaries in the world, every year millions of travellers visit this destination.  The first National park in America is located Wyoming State, but it extends into Idaho and Montana, it spans over an area of 3468 sq. kilometres.   The Yellow stone park has geothermal features, it has the biggest hot spring in the USA called Grand prismatic spring.  It has a diameter of 370 feet and 120 feet deep, Grand prismatic spring is the 3rd largest hot spring in the world. 

Old faithful geyser eruption in Yellow Stone National Park, Picture courtesy: Nationalparktours

Grand prismatic spring is a must see destination in Yellow Stone National Park. The brilliant colours matche the colours of a rainbow and it closely resembles the M57 Ring Nebula. This hot spring is 70 degree Celsius hot enough to kill any one.

#3. Boiling Lake Dominica

Picture courtesy: Nationalgeographic

Boiling lake is located in the Morne Trois Pitons National park, which is situated in Roseau the capital city of Dominica.  This unique lake is 76 meters across and has a depth of 59 meters.  Boiling lake is a must see destination in Dominica, it has a temperature of 92 °C which is close enough to cook the chicken.  The vapour from the lake covers the blue lake. Travellers must trek for at least six hours to the destination.  The 8 miles hike through the rainforest is an amazing experience, as the forest is filled with birds, plants and rare animals.  The terrain is really tough so be prepared for a hard trekking.

 Valley of desolation Picture Courtesy: www wondermondo com

The trekking trail goes through an area called Valley of desolation which is covered in Sulphur and the area is really hot and steamy.   Every year thousands of travellers visit this magnificent Caribbean island to see the Boiling Lake and various other places in the Island.

#4. Champagne Pool, Waiotapu,  New Zealand.

Picture Courtesy: magazine.enterprisecouk

 Champagne pool has some connection with the delicious drink, the name derived from the constant outflow of carbon dioxide which resembles the bubbles in the Champagne glass.   Champagne pool is a prominent tourist destination in Waiotapu, North Island of New Zealand.   This hot spring has a temperature of 75 °C, the deposition of silicate and minerals gives it the beautiful colours  even though the pool is hot, it is home to various microbial life. 

Artist’s Pallete, Picture courtesy: squarespace.com

Champagne pool is at least 900 years old, the crater has a diameter of 65 meters and a depth of 62 meters.  The edge of the pool has a bright orange colour, the overflow of water ends in Artist’s Pallete, which is a yellow pool rich in sulphur deposits.   The Champagne pool is one of the must  see destinations in New Zealand.  A trip to nature’s wonderful creation is an unforgettable experience.

#5. Deildartunguhver hot spring, Iceland ,  hot spring with highest flow rate. 

Picture courtesy: for91dayscom

The water in the Deildartunguhver is close to the boiling point, it has temperature of 97 °C. Located in the Reykholtsdalur of Iceland this geothermal spring has the highest flow rate in Europe.  The locals use the hot water to heat their homes.  Deildartunguhver is home to a unique fern called Deer fern which grows nowhere else in the world. If you are travelling to Reykholtsdalur region do not miss this amazing destination.

#6. Frying Pan Lake, largest hot spring in the world.

Picture courtesy: kiwigeophysics.fileswordpress com 

Frying Pan Lake, the largest hot spring in the world is located in Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley of New Zealand.  This thermal destination is a main tourist place Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley, the water has an average temperature of 60 °C.  The crater was formed during the eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886. Lake has a surface area of 9.4 acres and the water is blue in colour making it an excellent tourist destination. 

Inferno crater

Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley is an ideal place for trekking and walking, Mt Haszard Hiking trail offers the travellers to enjoy the native plants, silica terraces, rare thermal plants, Inferno crater and the Frying Pan Lake.  Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley is a must see destination in New Zealand.

     All of these natural wonders are unique and very important part of the eco-system, we have the responsibility to protect it and save it for the next generation. Be a responsible traveller. 


Caution: Swimming in the hot water can be dangerous, we roadcompass  suggest  travellers, not to swim or touch these geothermal waterbodies as the water is hot and can cause severe burning or death.


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