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Every day Humans beings make 250 decisions regarding the food they consume.  Different

countries have different cultures, style and food habits. The main reasons for this varying

style includes evolution,the terrain and the availability of the food, for a traveller, it’s all

about understanding the different cultures and compromising  their lifestyle to adjust with the

foreign land. Travelling in fact is survival, it is all about tasting different foods, walking

through different terrains, sleeping in the most undesired places on earth  and it’s all about

experiencing ,there are no fixed plans, always expect the unexpected.  Here is the list of most

strange foods on earth, that only a real traveller would dare to eat. 

Warning: Some may find this article disturbing , it contains images and descriptions of  reptiles,

snails, insects and larvae. 

Roadcompass do not support or promote killing or torturing of any kinds of animals. 


1. Snake wine – South East Asian countries 

Venomous snakes and scorpions are infused into alcohol and are left to ferment for

at least 3 months. 

2. Fugu –Japan 

Fugu means Puffer fish, this dish is so risky that it requires a special licence to prepare

this food item. If not prepared correctly this Japanese delicacy will kill you. 

3. Baby mice wine – China and Korea

This traditional health tonic is prepared by infusing alive mice babies into the rice wine.

It tastes like Gasoline, would you drink it?

4. Casu marzu cheese - Italy 

Casu marzu is a Sardinian sheep milk cheese which contains the live maggots that are

deliberately addedto the cheese to get the perfect taste. You can eat it with or without

removing the maggots. 

5. Beondegi - Korea

Beondegi is the boiled and seasoned silkworm pupae served as snacks. 


6. Centaury egg – China

Pidan or Centaury egg is made by keeping the eggs in mixture of slat, ash and lime then

covering it with rice husks, the process raises the PH of the egg, after few weeks turning

it into a dark green in colour.  Would you try this stinky eggs?

7. Escamoles – Mexico 

This is the larva and Pupa of the ants which are pan fried, tastes buttery and nutty 


8. Fried Grass hopers- Thailand, Mexico and Uganda 

Well sounds good.


9. Balut – Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand 

Balut is a hard-boiled egg with a partially developed duck foetus inside the egg. This is

one dish that makes even the most daring food lovers to think twice.

10. Hakarl – Iceland 

The national dish of Iceland is famous for the notorious fishy and ammonia rich smell.

This iconic dish is made by curing the meet of the sleeping sharks over a period of

five months, giving it a strong smell. 

11. Sannakji- Korea

Would you like to eat a live octopus? If your answer is yes, Korea has a dish called Sannakji,

to satisfy your hunger.  If not eaten properly this food can kill you. There are few reported

deaths due to this dish. 

12. Stink heads- Alaska 

The pride food of Yupik Eskimos has a putrid smell, which is the result of keeping the

Salmon heads buried under the mud for few weeks. This process makes the fish to

decompose and produces the signature smell. Your life and health depends upon the

way it is prepared, so know your food before eating. 

13. Virgin boy eggs – China 

Virgin boy eggs or tong zi dan is prepared by boiling the eggs in the urine of young boys.

Yes, you heard it right, it is boiled in the urine of boys who are less than 10 years old.

This delicacy is sold for the double the price of normal eggs. 

14. Witchetty grub – Australia 

Food expert say, this larvae tastes like fried eggs with the hint of nut, for best result don’t

cook it, just bite the head off and eat the wiggling larvae alive. Are you adventurous enough

to eat this?

15. Blodplättar- Sweden and Finland 

Looks can be deceiving, this pancake is made out of pork blood, cornflour and seasoning,

then fried in a pan. 

16. Fruit bat soup - Guam, Africa and Micronesia

Don’t just order anything from the menu because this soup has a whole bat floating in

the soup with fur  and head. It would make you think like, the bat fell into the soup

while flying. The soup is delicious, but the rodent head looking at you is such a turnoff. 

17. Cockscombs – Italy and France 

It is the red fleshy part on the top of rooster’s head, consumed as garnish or used as

ingredients for sauces.

18. Mopane worms- Zimbabwe

They are fried and crunchy and can be eaten as potato chips with the side of sauce, but

the question is can you? The worms are prepared by squeezing the inside out, then worms

are dried in the sun, it can be eaten straight away after drying or cook it with some peanut

butter then have it the maize porridge called pap. 

19. Kiviak – Greenland 

This stinky food is the traditional wintertime food of Greenlandic people. This

turning food is prepared by stuffing Auk birds in the bag made out of seal skin, then the

whole bag is covered in seal fat. After 3- 18 months the fermentation process is completed.

Kiviak can be eaten raw which tastes like matured cheese. 

20. Smalahove – Norway

Smalahove or sheep’s head is Norwegian delicacy but don’t you just hate it when your

food stares at you with eyes wide open? 

21. Termites – Kenya

How would you like it? Raw or fried, the menu is on your table!!!


22. Raw blood soup – Vietnam 

Tiet – Canh is soup which looks delicious with its red colour, herbs and peanut topping.

But in reality the red colour of the soup comes from the chilled blood of ducks, goose or pigs.

Would   you like to try some Tiet – Canh after knowing the ingredients? 

23. Steak Tartare- France 

It is nothing but raw beef with onions, capers, seasoning and a toping of raw egg yolk. 


24. Stink bugs- Africa 

Eat it alive or cooked, either way this food is going to give you some hard time. 

25. Palolo worms – Pacific islands 

The slimy worms of the pacific island can be eaten alive, fried or baked in an earth oven.

The Samoa worm harvest occurs during the October November months, when the

moon enters the last quarter, worms rises to the surface in large numbers to spawn.  

The next day after the harvest is the Samoan Palolo rise festival, a Thanksgiving festival.

Would you like to try the Palolo with some bread?


26. Walking stick insect - Papua New Guinea

The gigantic walking stick insect tastes like a leaf or tree, is a delicacy in the Papua New Guinea. 


27. Kunga cake – East Africa 

Kunga cake, sounds amazing doesn’t it? But think again, the main ingredient of this cake

is midge fly. East Africans press the millions of midge flies to make the Kunga cake. 


28. Khash or Pache – Middle East, Turkey and East Europe 

This Armenian winter soup is made by boiling the sheep’s or cow’s feet, sometimes it

includes heads. This is one of those appetizers which can kill your appetite. 

29. Fried rats – Mexico and China 

Yes, you heard it right, it is the real rodent we are talking about.  Don’t forget to try this

dish if you visit any of those countries. 

30. Capybara - Brazil 

Capybara is the largest rodent in the world, close relative of the Guinea pigs, in Brazil

they grill these giant rodents with bacon strips.  

31. Zompopo, leaf cutting ants – Guatemala 

Queens of the leaf cutter ants are collected and the belly bottoms are roasted on a clay

griddle, then the lime and salt are added to make it the perfect roast. Guatemalans say,

it tastes like pork rinds or butter. 

32. Southern fried Rattle snake – USA 

Dangerous rattle snake can be deep fried and it is favourite dish in the South western

United States. The meat is light and some say it tastes like chicken, some say it tastes

more like fish. You will have to chew it to find the taste and don’t forget to add a splash

of lemon while eating. 

33. Dog meat – Vietnam, China and Korea 

Man’s best friend in here is just a food item. 


34. Fried Tarantula – Cambodia 

For some humans Tarantula it is a nightmare, but for Cambodians these nightmares are

favourite deep fried snacks, only the most daring travellers can eat this weird food. 


35.  Bull frog – Namibia 

Well the name and the picture is more than enough to turn you off from eating this bizarre food.  


36. Monitor Lizard – India 

This giant reptile is delicacy in India, mostly in the Southern part of India, people make

curry out of it, then they roast it to make it crunchy and tasty.  Remember it’s illegal

to eat monitor lizard in India, it can give you imprisonment and heavy fines. 


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Roadcompass do not support or promote killing or torturing of any kinds of animals. 


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