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I am from Kerala, this article will change your perception about Kerala, but make sure you read all 25. 

1.    Some say it is not the most beautiful state in India! Hmmmm?


2.    They don’t have any good seafood. Seriously 


3.    A secret, they don’t even know about tasty biriyani. 


4.    The traditional art forms sucks!!! Think they don’t know about Kathakali... 


5.    Hill stations are not stunning.  But Munnar seems to be out of this world. 


6.    There is no place for shopping!! But wait, what is this? 


7.    It rains all the time, I hate rain. Do you really?


8.    Beaches are really bad, not beautiful and crowded, it would make one vomit. 


9.    The fruits are not tasty and not many verities 


10.    They can’t grow  straw berries, but what they are doing in Munnar is amazing!


11.    The wild life is really boring, no exotic animals


12.    Kerala is not romantic. Or is it?


13.    Waterfalls are really small and dry all the time. 


14.    The birdlife is awful, it’s just crows everywhere. I thought peacock is a mammal. 


15.    There is no rich history and monuments are badly managed. 


16.    Trekking and camping is impossible 


17.    Keralites are not creative, there are no marvellous sculptures 


18.    Don’t go anywhere near the backwaters in Kerala, it is not appealing to the eyes. 


19.    Don’t even try the backwater cruise in Alleppey backwaters. 


20.    Why would someone want to waste their money by visiting Kumarakom? It is just a waste of time. 


21.    The country side is  absolutely  messed up and ugly, don’t even think about it. 


22.    Traditional sports in Kerala? Never heard of one, it must be a slow one even if they have any. 


23.    Cherry on top, People are not nice, Malayalees are serious all the time!!!


24.    This is the most important one. Don’t try the stuff they call Toddy especially with the fish curry and tapioca, man it just not good. 


25.    You can’t even go there because the transportation system is absolutely ridiculous. 

Kerala is boring, isn't it?


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