14 Stupid and dirty things Indians do while travelling. This is so embarrassing.Back

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       I am an Indian, I have noticed few things, that we do wrong while we travel.  We are clever just like the rest of the humans, but we do some bad things that can make us look like we are from the 17th century. We should try to change it.  I think it is too stupid to do such things when we travel. Have a look at my observations. 

1. We don’t use swimwears, we swim in the ocean, river, or where ever fully clothed


2. We just stare at everything, girls stare at men, men stare at girls, girls and boys stare at foreigners


3. We spit everywhere.


4. And urinate, the call of nature.


5. We feed the wild animals, it  destroys  their natural ability to survive and make them to depend upon us for food, which also contributes to human animal conflict. 


6. And torture  them if possible...


7. We drink too much, even during day time and end up seeing nothing


8.We like photography but not the landscape but selfies. Some of them die taking selfies.


9.  We love to check in on social media every time we reach some places even if it’s a local shop, guys nobody cares. Check in when you reach the top of Mount Everest or some other significant places


10. Girls hangout with girls and boys with boys, why  are we not mixing together? What is wrong?


11. We love to travel without a helmet or protection gears. Broken jaw!!


12. We wear jackets even if its boiling hot. But why? Because it is the new trend bro!! Dress according to the weather, don’t burn your balls.


13. We love to litter and make beautiful places dirty. We love plastic and we  love throwing it around.  


14. We destroy our landmarks and monuments by writing on them. This is absolutely ridiculous makes us brain dead people. If you want a wall you have Facebook. Stop it

It is time to think about changes. 

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