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Vagamon,  located on the border of Idukki and Kottayam district, the stunning hill station is a major tourist place in Idukki. Well connected by the roads from Erattupetta and Pala, Vagamon attracts a thousands of travellers every year.  The peak tourist season starts from September and ends before the monsoon.  One of the main drawbacks with the peak season is that it is always crowded and you cannot really find a place without tourists, town is always packed with vehicles, hotels always busy with huge number of travellers and the tourist spots in Vagamon gets piled up with plastic wastes. 

1. During monsoon the hill station becomes a ghost town, and it is one the best time to visit Vagamon. The streets are not busy. 


2. You can eat peacefully in hotels, you don’t have to fight for a seat.


3. Best thing about Monsoon is that it turns the Vagamon meadows into a lush green land. 

4. The rain makes the waterfalls bigger and magnificent. Best time to visit the waterfalls. 

5. You can always drink the fresh water that oozes out from the rock, which is the actual mineral water. 


6. There is always a chance that you can spot the red mountain crabs, that hides in the cracks and holes. Never heard or seen one? Keep your eyes open. 


Sadly this crab was dead by the time we found it. 

7. It is the best time to enjoy the cold weather, but always expect the drizzling rain, which is actually quite good. 

8. It is the best time to experience the real fog in Vagamon, you would feel like the clouds have dropped down to earth and you are in heaven. 


9. It is the best time to enjoy a cup of local coffee, while gazing at the drizzling rain that looks like a thread. 

10. Experience the wind, powerful enough to  lift you up. 


11. Don’t have to worry about parking space, just relax and enjoy. 

Plan your trip when the intensity of rain is low. 
Don’t forget your rain jackets. 
Careful: Vagamon is prone to lightning, it is advised to avoid this place during the lightning season.

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