Alapra is place to see in Kottayam district of Kerala, is surrounded by the 2500 acre Ponthanpuzha forest. The calm and cool forest is filled with waterfalls and beautiful views. This destination is best suited for travellers who love trekking and wildlife.  A short trekk through the forest leads to the view point called Oottupara. There are two waterfalls located in the region such as Sankupathalam waterfalls and Kalluvapuzha which is also inside the forest.  The forest has hidden caves, Dolmens (Muniayra) and burial grounds of the ancient people or saints.  The Thacharickal Bhagavathi temple is famous for the Padayani festival. 




  • Air
  • Road
  • Rail

How to Reach: Air

Cochin international airport 113 km.

How to Reach: Road

Mallappaly bus station 19.1 km.

How to Reach: Rail

Thiruvalla railway station 32.1 km.

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