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Aralam wildlife sanctuary is established 1984, is a beautiful place to see in Kannur, district of Kerala. Located 72 km away from the Kannur town and 32 km away from Iritty town, this tourist place in Kannur is covered with tropical and semi evergreen forest, is home to variety of plants and animals. Elephants, deer, bison, boar and different types of squirrels are common sights in this sanctuary. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary supports predatory animals such as jackals and Leopard and .  the waterfall located deep in the jungle increases the beauty of the sanctuary.  Travellers can explore the deep jungle but the guide is mandatory and there are entry fees to enter the forest.

Best time to visit

August - September  

Phone: +91 490 2493160 

Opening hours 
08:00AM- 04:00PM

Entry fee
INR 15/person 
INR 25/camera
INR 75 / vehicle
INR 300 for a guide 


  • Air
  • Road
  • Rail

How to Reach: Air

Calicut International Airport 140 km.

How to Reach: Road

Nearest Town: Kottiyoor 16 km via Hill highway. Iritty bus station 32 km.

How to Reach: Rail

Kannur Railway Station: 72 km.

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