A brief introduction to KannurBack

A brief introduction to Kannur

Kannur is a district in the state of Kerala, India. Kannur, the ‘land of Looms and Lore’ is also known as Cannanore is a place of both cultural and historical important. Its importance arise from the geographical position with beaches and ports on one side and hills and ranges, make it a beautiful tourist destination in Kerala. Also known as the land of Theyyam, native performing art. Theyyam can be seen in almost every temples and kavu in Kannur between the month of November and April. Kannur is famous for the Muzhappilangad beach the ‘only drive in beach’ in Kerala, and it a famous tourist spot in Kannur. Kannur is surrounded by the Western Ghats mountain range in the east and Laccadive sea in the west, which blessed Kannur with many beautiful tourist destinations. St. Angelo’s or Kannur Fort, Mappila Bay, Arakkel Kettu Museum, Muzhappilangad drive in beach, Paithalmala, Madayipara, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the major tourist places in Kannur.  Kannur has a climate which hits as low as 21 °C and can go as high as 35 °C.  Best time to visit Kannur is during the months from September to March, which is the normal tourist season in Kerala. 

Best time to visit 
September- March 
DTPC Kannur:  Ph: 2706336, 2702466
 Department of Tourism Ph: 2702515
Email: info@dtpckannur.com


  • Air
  • Road
  • Rail

How to Reach: Air

Calicut International Airport 125 km. Mangalore International Airport 149 km.

How to Reach: Road

Main Bus stations: Kannur, Thaliparamba, Thalasserry.

How to Reach: Rail

Kannur Railway station 0 km.

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