Kooru mala / Kooru hill view pointBack

Kooru mala / Kooru hill view point

Kooru hill is located close to the Elanji town in Ernakulum district, is beautiful serene hill which offers panoramic view of the five districts surrounds it. From the hill the tourists can view the amazing sunset and sunrise.  The hill has a height of 590 feet but the  hill is not very popular among the tourists as there is only less information about the hill.  The hill has various kinds of plants and small animals such as rabbits, Kerala Palm Civet, reptiles and migratory birds. Watching the night sky feels great from this hill as it offers a greater view of the sky without any hindrance, the shooting stars adds more joy for the sky watchers. The main attraction of this place is that tourists can view the Milky Way from the top of the hill, during the night time. The nearby tourist location is a small waterfall called Areekal waterfall loated only 11 kilometers away, and Kakoor , where the famous Kakoor Kalavayal (cattle race) is held.

  • Air
  • Road
  • Rail

How to Reach: Air

Cochin International Airport 56 km.

How to Reach: Road

Elanji Bus Stand 4.0 Km

How to Reach: Rail

Piravam Road Railway Station or Velloor Railway Station 18 km

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