Bhoothatahnkettu dam and reserve forestBack

Bhoothatahnkettu dam is located 11km away from the Kothamanagalam town is .   The lush green forest which surrounds the dam makes it beautiful and exotic location for the toursists.   The boating facilities offered by this dam, makes it an exciting place.  The wild forest is the habitat of the King Cobras,   there are other animals such as Tigers, bears, elephants and various species of birds. Short trekking trips can be done through the forest but always seek the help of experts.  The forest has hidden cave, through which only one person can crawl into, but be careful there are bats and porcupines inside. This is a best destinatio for picnics and   family trips. 

Best time to visit Bhoothatahnkettu dam and reserve forest is during Septmber to February.


  • Air
  • Road
  • Rail

How to Reach: Air

Cochin International Airport 42.1 km

How to Reach: Road

Kothamangalam town 10.9 km

How to Reach: Rail

Anagamli Railway station 44.1 km

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