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Krishnapuram palace is one of the prime tourist spots in Alappuzha. In the 18th century, the Travancore Maharaja Marthanda Varma built the temple. The place is mainly known for its wall paintings (Mural paintings) and architecture. The well-known painting ‘Gajendramoksham’ is placed there. The palace is now transformed to a museum, have many historical sculptures, paintings and bronze antiques, this destination is best for travelers who love history.

  • Air
  • Road
  • Rail

How to Reach: Air

Trivandrum international airport 103 km. Cochin international airport 131 km.

How to Reach: Road

Alappuzha bus station 48 km. Kayamakulam bus station 5.4 km.

How to Reach: Rail

kayamakulam Junction 7.9 km.

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